HP東善寺 小栗上野介           小栗上野介の言葉「腰抜け武士に高禄は無用」   
HP Tozenji Temple: Kozukenosuke Oguri  Kozukenosuke Oguri's words: "A cowardly samurai does not deserve a high salary."                    

小栗上野介の言葉 4
Words of Kozukenosuke Oguri #4

"A cowardly samurai does not deserve a high salary.Useless officers and offices should be abolished." 

          Flower of the temple: Sanshyu or Cornus officinalis

 Kozukenosuke Oguri often said to people:"We have much to do as a nation, and the economy is in a difficult time. It is better not to waste high salaries on cowardly samurais."
"We should abolish positions and departments that are useless in the modern age, even if they have a long history or are highly prestigious."

              Original text
Joshu (Oguri who was in charge of Joshu or the present day Gunma Prefecture) often told people:
"At a time when the nation is in great financial difficulty, it is useless to give high stipends to cowardly samurais. We must cut back on these things as we see fit."
"Even if they are of old custom and/or style, useless officers and useless offices must be abolished."
("Kozukenosuke Oguri" by Toyo Seta, Tokyo Hakubunkan, Shonen Dokuhon No. 40, September, 1903 or Meiji 34)
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