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Personal Profile / Tozenji  ●●  Kozukenosuke Tadamasa Oguri
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We are currently translating the contents about Kozukenosuke Oguri. It is still a work in progress, but please drop by sometimes.
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Kozukenosuke Oguri (Tadamasa)(Bungonokami)(childhood name : Gotaroh)

The reason why the name and achievements of Kozukenosuke Tadamasa Oguri are not known...
That is because he was killed by the Western Army (Meiji Government Army).

If they teach the achievements of Oguri in the school system started by the Meiji government,
they will be asked, "Then who killed him?”
That is why the Meiji government did not include his name or achievements in textbooks, but rather treated him as a traitor. This history has been continueing, even now...

目次 Contents
特別ページ】 小栗上野介記念館を建設したい プリント版「小栗上野介情報84 記念館建設準備号」・托鉢募金・など


E 業績 Achievements  
E 遣米使節 Japanese Mission to the United States in 1860
E 横須賀製鉄所・造船所 Yokosuka Ironworks and Shipyard 
E 関連の本 Oguri-related books
小栗上野介情報(PDFプリント版) Kozukenosuke Oguri information (PDF version)
E 倉渕の小栗史跡 Historical Sites of Oguri in Kurabuchi Village
E 家族 Family 
E 顕彰活動 Activities to honor Oguri 
E 展示会 Exhibitions 
E 関連講演 Oguri-related Lectures 
E 人脈 Personal connections 
小栗上野介の言葉 Words of Kozukenosuke Oguri 
E 随想 Essays 
E 通説の誤り  Errors in common beliefs
その他の小栗情報 Other Oguri-related Information 
東善寺一般情報 Tozenji General Information

Great Figure at the End of the Edo

Kozukenosuke Oguri

 日本語 英語 English 





「小栗父子主従8名斬殺を手柄とした原保太郎」(リンク) は3代目山口県知事を20年

 ■Kozukenosuke Tadamasa Oguri (1827 - 1868 or Bunsei 10 - Keio 4)

 Oguri was born in 1827 into the Oguri family (Surugadai, Kanda, Edo), a bannerman of the Tokugawa family. In 1860, he went to the U.S. at the age of 34 on the U.S.S. Powhatan and the U.S.S. Roanoke as an envoy of the Japanese Mission to the U.S. to ratify the Treaty of Amity and Commerce between Japan and the U.S. He returned to Japan after circumnavigating the globe on the U.S.S. Niagara. For the next eight years, he supported the shogunate and pushed forward the modernization of Japan.

 In March of 1868 (the 4th year of Keio), he received permission from the shogunate, who had decided to return the power to the emperor, to start farming and moved to Gonda Village, his domain. Sixty-five days later, on April 6 of the same year, he was beheaded along with three of his retainers at the Mizunuma riverbank by the Western army (the army of the new Meiji government) without any crime. The following day, on the 7th, his adopted son Mataichi was also beheaded along with three of his retainers in Takasaki Castle.  

 The Western forces (Meiji government forces) confiscated all the family properties brought from Edo and sold them at auction at Shimaya in Takasaki, and took the proceeds as military funds. It could be called a "robbery and murder" committed by the new Meiji government. For this reason, school education started by the Meiji government hid the achievements of Kozukenosuke Oguri in modernizing Japan and ignored and eliminated him as a traitor. This is the reason why Kozukenosuke Oguri is not well known.

◆ Brief history of Kozukenosuke (Tadamasa) Oguri

◆ The last 64 days in Gonda Village (from "Oguri Diary")…The Western army (the army of the new Meiji government) that killed him on the charge of innocence while he was preparing to start farming.
The conspiratorial nature of the Western and Tosando Armies, which killed eight of Sozo Sagara's "Red Army" as "fake government forces" in Shimosuwa before killing Oguri and his son and followers.
Yasutaro Hara, who took credit for killing Oguri and his son and followers (Link) held the third governor position of Yamaguchi Prefecture for 20 years.



<Three Men at the End of the Edo Period>
In his book for children, "Kurimoto Sensei," the writer Toson Shimazaki wrote that Iwase Higokami Tadanari, Kozukenosuke Oguri, and Joun Kurimoto should be remembered as people who well took care of the affairs of the end of the Tokugawa (Edo) era.

<Father of the Meiji Era>
In his book "Meiji, a Nation," author Ryotaro Shiba praised the achievements of Kozukenosuke Oguri, who was instrumental in the modernization of Japan, calling him "the father of the Meiji era."

<Amid the fervor for expulsion of the barbarians, Oguri said, "We should follow the example of foreign countries.">
In his book "Politicians at the End of the Edo Period," Genichiro Fukuchi, a vassal of the Tokugawa Shogunate, wrote: "When the envoys returned to Japan, the government and private citizens alike were in a state of debate over whether or not to expel the foreigners from the country. However, Oguri alone, without hesitation, made the Shogunate fearful by explaining the benefits of American civilization and arguing that Japan should follow the example of other countries and improve its own political, military, commercial, and manufacturing practices."

「幕府の運命に限りがあるとも、日本の運命には限りがない……」… 「費用をかけて造船所を造っても成功する時分に、幕府はどうなっているかわからない」と言った幕臣鈴木兵庫頭(重嶺・佐渡奉行)に、小栗上野介が語った言葉→参照:小栗上野介の言葉「幕府の運命、日本の運命」


「外国から買った船もいずれ修理が必要になる、造れなければ修理はできない」・・・ 「すでに軍艦を有する以上は、破損は有中の事なれば、之を修復するの処無かるべからず・・・」(外国から軍艦を買っても破損故障はかならずあるのだから、これを修理するところがなければならない) /栗本鋤雲『匏庵遺稿』

「一言で国を滅ぼす言葉は『どうにかなろう』の一言なり 幕府が滅亡したるはこの一言なり」・・・福地源一郎著「幕府衰亡論」  
参照:小栗上野介の言葉でにっぽん復興! どうにかするぞ の「前掛け」

   ◆ The words of Kozukenosuke Ogurii
"Though the fate of the Shogunate is limited, the fate of Japan is not..."
Hyogonokami Suzuki (Shigemine, Sado Magistrate), a vassal of the shogun, once said "I don't know what will become of the Shogunate when we will succeed in building a shipyard at great expense." Here is what Oguri said to Suzuki → Reference:
The fate of the Shogunate..., the fate of Japan ..."

◆ The words of Kozukenosuke Ogurii
"Ships bought from abroad will eventually need to be repaired, and if they can't be built, they can't be repaired."
Joun Kurimoto's "Hoan Iko" (Hoan's posthumous writings)
 "As long as you already have a warship, damage is an ordinary thing, and there should not be no place to repair it... (Even if you buy a warship from a foreign country, it will always be damaged or broken, so there must be a place to repair it.)

  ◆ The words of Kozukenosuke Oguri
"A single phrase that destroy a nation is "Whatever happens, happens" and it is this one phrase that caused the downfall of the Shogunate."
Genichiro Fukuchi, "The Decline and Fall of the Shogunate"
ReferenceJapan's recovery in the words of Kozukenosuke Oguri! Apron with the words of "Do-nika Suruzo (I'll do something about it)"

BS日テレ 「歴史捜査」片岡愛之助と住職が語る小栗上野介の業績と死の謎

連載中 我が国産業革命の始まり―横須賀造船所(リンク・ファスニングジャーナル)
  Video BS NTV "Rekishi-sosa (Historical Investigation)": Ainosuke Kataoka and Taiken Murakami, the priest of Tozenji Temple, talk about Kozukenosuke Oguri's achievements and the mystery of his death

In serialization The Beginning of Japan's Industrial Revolution - Yokosuka Shipyard(Link to "The Fastening Journal" Web site)


小栗上野介と東善寺に関する新着・最新情報はこちら→ 2024(令和6)年
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Update on Kozukenosuke Oguri and Tozenji Temple
For the latest information on Kozukenosuke Oguri and Tozenji Temple, click here
2022 (4 year of Reiwa)

Latest Information Back Number

■Available for rent:Panel display set, "Kozukenosuke Oguri, a man who ran through the era of change at the end of the Edo period"

 Printed version of "Information on Kozukenosuke Oguri" (PDF)
This is a printed version containing various information on Kozukenosuke Oguri at the end of the Edo period. Please feel free to print and distribute them.

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Achievements of Kozukenosuke Oguri

Achievements in the modernization of Japan in the eight years after his return from the mission to the United States and round-the-world trip

鉄鉱山の開発 中小坂鉄山(下仁田町)など



E森林保護の提唱 黒船は木造だった…から
新聞発行を提唱 福沢諭吉に担当させる計画

EYokosuka Shipyard Construction: Truly the "Site of the Industrial Revolution in Late Edo and Meiji Japan"
EJapan's first French language school established (Yokohama).
EAdoption and training of French-style army system
EDevelopment of iron mines: Nakaosaka Iron Mine (Shimonita Town), etc.
EJapan's first joint-stock company "Hyogo Shosha" / Tsukiji Hotel / Obuse Shipping Company

The Kotaka life water is Oguri's legacy

EThe Tsushima Incident: The following common opinions have been circulated regarding the Tsushima Incident, but they are all incorrect:
Myth 1: "Oguri failed in negotiations and returned to Edo."
Myth 2: "The British ship forced the Russian ship to leave."
Myth 3: "Kaishu Katsu had the Russian ship evacuated through secret negotiations."
Myth 4: "Oguri proposed the construction of the shipyard after the Tsushima Incident."

Kozukenosuke Oguri's concept of moternization (proposal)
□Advocating the installation of gas lamps
□Rebuilding the financial economy by issuing kinsatsu (currency notes)
□Advocating the county and prefecture system

EAdvocacy of forest protection 
The Black Ships were made of wood.
□Advocated construction of railroad between Edo and Yokohama.

Advocate newspaper publication Plan to have Yukichi Fukuzawa in charge
Advocated the establishment of the Shoshinkan (postal system) Kozukenosuke Oguri, Hisoka Maejima and others advocated.



EThere are many errors in common theories about Kozukenosuke Oguri… The errors were mostly made from the historical view that he was murdered by the Meiji government and treated as a treasonous bandit by subsequent government sources who denied the politics of the Shogunate.

EBeware of Wikipedia's "Tadamasa Oguri"

The words of Kozukenosuke Oguri
 The honor of a house for sale with storehouses attached.
"Property to be sold with a storehouse attched"
E "The true samurai"
E "The fate of the shogunate and the fate of Japan"
E "It is worthless to pay high stipends to cowardly samurai and useless offices should be abolished"
"Foreign countries should be taken as models"
E "The words that will destroy the nation: "Whatever happens, happens"

遣米使節 The Japanese Mission to the United States in 1860
遣米使節展…隠された幕末史/東善寺で開催 2023令和5年5月

米国公文書館(リンク) …遣米使節の公文書、画像などを公開



E 咸臨丸病の日本人・事例集…戦後も続く咸臨丸神話の後遺症・いまは「歴史教科書」で量産
■PDF版歴史を誤らせる勝海舟神話・咸臨丸神話 『会津人群像』36号村上泰賢

<遣米使節 あれこれ>


Bridge of Hope(English)…JEWL発行の本で小栗上野介の業績紹介(東善寺でも販売)
ニューヨークの「週刊NY生活」№284・2010平成22年1月1日号 で遣米使節150年特集(リンク)

EThe itinerary of the Japanese Mission to the United States: The First Japanese Round-the-World Itinerary
ETravel around the world
EVisiting the Travel Routes of the Japanese Mission to the United States, Hawaii
History of the Kamehameha Dynasty, Where are the Royal Palace and French Hotel?
EVisiting the Travel Routes of the Japanese Mission to the United States, Hawaii San Francisco:
Mare Island Shipyard, San Francisco City, etc.
EVisiting the Travel Routes of the Japanese Mission to the United States, Washington
: The main gate of the naval shipyard still exists.
EVisiting the Travel Routes of the Japanese Mission to the United States, Philadelphia:
A city with a long history
EVisiting the Travel Routes of the Japanese Mission to the United States, New York City
: Bypassing the Broward Way to get an enthusiastic welcome
EThe President's Commemorative Medal
EAchievements of the Japanese Mission to the United States
ETadamasa Oguri's Currency Negotiations
: The Full Analysis of the Currency That Made Him Say "No" in Philadelphia

EU.S. National Archives and Records Administration (link): Official documents and images of Japanese Mission to the U.S.
EToshichi Sato, a village headman who traveled around the world
ESadayu Tamamushi:
A samurai of the Sendai clan who left a diary with detailed and lively writing
EFollowers of Oguri of the Japanese Mission to the United States
EThe "Kobeiki (Diary of visiting the U.S.)" by Tetsuta Kimura
The "Tokainikki (Diary of visiting the U.S.)" by Tetsuta Kimura
EGonzo Miyoshi, a follower of Oguri on the mission to the U.S.A.:
A man from Shimane
Somo Kato, a follower of Oguri in the Japanese Mission to the U.S.・・・(Link) A trip to Kanayama-cho, Gero City, Gifu Prefecture to visit "Somo-sensei" and to have a lecture in 2002
E■ Tommy Onojiro Tateishi, an apprentice interpreter on the mission to the U.S....Tommy, a boy who became very popular in America
ETommy Polka: The polka of Onojiro Tateishi, a boy interpreter who became very popular in America

EThe three ships of the U.S. Mission:
The U.S. Mission went around the world in the Powhatan, Roanoke, and Niagara. Meanwhile, the Kanrin Maru was a training ship that traveled between Japan and San Francisco under the name of escort.
ELeaflet "The Three Ships of the Japanese Mission to the United States": To remove the Kanrin Maru from textbooks(in English as well)

<Regarding Kanrin Maru (western-style Japanese frigate, launchjed in 1853)>

EThe myth of the Kanrin Maru created by Shushin textbooks: A mixture of falsehoods and truths taught in the national textbook "Shushin" has become a historical myth and created Japanese people who cannot escape from the mind control of "Kaishu Katsu and the Kanrin Maru."
EJapanese people suffering from the Kanrin Maru disease:
The aftereffects of the Kanrin Maru myth continue after the war and are now mass-produced in history textbooks.
ECaptain Brook:
Because of him, the Kanrin Maru did not sink. In his diary, he clearly recorded that "Kaishu Katsu was seasick."
EMistake in stating that "Yoshitake Kimura, the governor of Settsu, was deputy envoy.":
In recent years, there has been a widespread belief that Yoshitake Kimura was a deputy envoy to the U.S., but...

EThe theories that "Yoshitake Kimura was a deputy envoy" and that "the ship on which the deputy envoy boarded was the Kanrin Maru" are false.:
This theory is based on the fact that the reality of the Kanrin Maru has become known since the publication of the Historical Collection of Japanese Missions to the United States in 1961, and the image of the ship before World War II has declined. It was mainly written by the descendants of those involved with the Kanrin Maru who might have wanted to restore the ship's reputation.

The myth of Kaishu Katsu and the myth of Kanrin Maru that mislead history, written by Taiken Murakai in "Aizujin Gunzo" No.36
(PDF version)

<Episodes of the Japanese Mission to the U.S.>

EThe Japanese Mission to the U.S. Decides on the Hinomaru as the National Flag:
The Hinomaru, which used to be the ship's seal, is now the national seal.

A letter of thanks to Mr. Hideyuki Okazaki, an artist of sailing ship modelsThanks to him, the models of "the three ships of the Japanese Mission to the U.S." have been completed.
Mission to America and American Dairy: The first Japanese to eat ice cream

The descendants of the Japanese Mission to the U.S. (Link)
Bridge of Hope (English): A book published by JEWL introducing the achievements of Kozukenosuke Oguri (also available at Tozenji Temple)
A special feature on the 150th anniversary of the Japanese Mission to the U.S. in the January 1, 2010 issue of New York's Weekly NY Life (Link)
It all started with a single screw (Nitto Seiko, link)
The truth behind a single screw! (Sarai, link)

Steel Mills and Shipyards

The site of Japan's industrial revolution
at the end of the Edo period
E横須賀製鉄所 4つの特徴:この特徴から日本産業革命の地であることがわかる



E「長州ファイブ」は何をした…近年しきりに「長州ファイブ」なる長州藩士5人を異様に持ち上げる風潮がある  → 下部におかしな「明治日本の産業革命遺産」を検証する:産業革命が足踏みフイゴで出来たのか/産業革命とどうつながる萩の町と松下村塾/なんで入ったグラバー邸/「原動力」と「設立年」から見えてくるアヤシサ


日本のものづくりは大丈夫か・浅川基男 日本のものづくりの歴史とその行方を読み解く

EThe construction of the Yokosuka Shipyard: It was not a place to build ships, but a place to build "ships too."
EThree features of the Yokosuka Ironworks:
These features show that it was the site of Japan's industrial revolution.
EReading the "Detailed Drawing of Yokosuka" Chart:
The Shape of Yokosuka Revealed by Reading the Chart
The theory that the Yokosuka ironworks were built with borrowed money is wrong: That is a theory in "Kaikoku (The Opening of Japan)," Japanese History 23 (Shogakukan 1975) written by Takuji Shibahara who misread the historical materials and it is incorrect.
E Bricks: Bricks made in Yokosuka

Yokosuka Shipyard, a "house for sale with storehouse"
E "The fate of the Shogunate, the fate of Japan," said Kozukenosuke Oguri.
E Western-style sailing ships at the end of the Edo period: Ho-o Maru and other Western-style sailing ships made in Japan
EImpressed by the Mother Machine: I saw it right before my eyes! The workings of a steam hammer.
EAdmiral Togo's Acknowledgment: Victory in the Battle of Japanese-Russo War is Thanks to Mr. Oguri.

EA bust of Joun Kurimoto, the field director at Yokosuka Shipyard under construction:
A statue molded from the statue of Joun Kurimoto in the precincts of Tozenji Temple
EBooklet "Kozukenosuke Oguri and Yokosuka": This booklet provides a good understanding of the relationship between Kozukenosuke Oguri and Yokosuka.
EKozukenosuke Oguri and Yokosuka in high school textbooks: Shimizu Shoin's "Japanese History A" is highly recommended!
EThe Tomioka Silk Mill is the "sister" of the Yokosuka Shipyard:
The real "Industrial Revolutionary Heritage of Japan at the End of the Edo Period and Meiji Era" has been manufacturing with steam engines since the Keio Era.
EThe Strange "Industrial Revolution Heritage of Meiji Japan": How was the Industrial Revolution made with footsteps? /How are the town of Hagi and the Syoka-sonjuku School related to the Industrial Revolution?/ Why was the Glover residence included?

EConfirmation works on sisters, brothers, and grandchildren of the Yokosuka Ironworks
(Taiken Murakami)
E The "Yuza-no-Ki" (appeasement vessel)
A "modern master craftsman" who inherited Yokosuka's technology from his father.
E Japan's Monozukuri (making things): Is it OK? Motoo Asakawa Deciphering the History and Future of Japanese Monozukuri
E Takenaka Shibata, ambassador to France on a special mission
:Takenaka Shibata went to France to hire engineers and purchase materials for the construction of the Yokosuka Ironworks.

E Gunma Jazz Festival" at Hamayu SansoHeld at the beginning of autumn every year
E The latest aircraft carrier and the docks at the end of the Edo period: A tour of the former Yokosuka Shipyard (U.S. Naval Base Yokosuka)

  □ 小栗上野介の言葉
→ 参照「土蔵付き売家の栄誉」
*「土蔵付売り据え」という言葉も別の人に残した →→ 参照:「幕府の運命、日本の運命」
  The words of Kozukenosuke Oguri
If this shipyard is eventually completed, the honor of a house for sale with storehouses can be left behind.
This means that even if the main house (administration) goes up for sale, this storehouse (shipyard) will be useful to the new homeowner -> see: "The Honor of a House for Sale with a Storehouse"

*"Selling a house with a warehouse" was also left to another person → see: "Fate of the Shogunate, Fate of Japan"



Benefactors of the Opening of Yokosuka Port
Verney and Oguri (Images)
ヴェルニー・小栗祭 2001年(1) 
ヴェルニー・小栗祭 2001年(2) 
ヴェルニー・小栗祭 2002年(1) 
ヴェルニー・小栗祭 2002年(2)
ヴェルニー・小栗祭 2003年 
ヴェルニー・小栗祭 2004年

ヴェルニー小栗祭 2013年
Verney Oguri Festival
Vernie Oguri Festival 2001 (1) 
Vernie Oguri Festival 2001 (2) 
Vernie Oguri Festival 2002 (1) 
Vernie Oguri Festival 2002 (2)
Vernie Oguri Festival 2003
Vernie Oguri Festival 2004

Vernie Oguri Festival 2013Brass band "Oguri no Manazashi" performed by Kurabuchi Junior High School students and the Maritime Self-Defense Force Band.

Relations with France (Verney's home country)
Kozukenosuke Oguri, a pioneer of Japan-France relations
Relief of Kozukenosuke Oguri in Brest city
Establishment of French-style army system at the end of the Edo period
The first French language school in Japan
Was the beer that Kozukenosuke drank made in France? (Linked to beer-bin.html)

Newly constructed parking lot at the east end of Verney Park, Yokosuka!
*Beware of the approaching course! You can only enter from the off-ramp of Route 16, "Yokosuka Kaido". Proceed back from in front of Yokosuka Station.

横須賀市立大楠中学校の修学旅行 No. 1(2005年)
横須賀市立大楠中学校の修学旅行 No. 2 (2006年)
Yokosuka and France
School trip of Yokosuka City Ogusu Junior High School No. 1 (2005)
School trip of Yokosuka City Ogusu Junior High School No. 2 (2006)
Yokosuka Open Country Festival Periline and Ogurine

小栗上野介関連の Books about Kozukenosuke Oguri



■現在連載中! ネットでも読める
👉 村上泰賢「わが国産業革命のはじまり」・ネジの業界新聞「ファスニングジャーナル」毎月4回発行の月末27日号に連載
Books about Kozukenosuke Oguri and the end of the Edo period:
Publications about Kozukenosuke Oguir and the end of the Edo period are here.
Sheet music of "Oguri's Gaze: Dedicated to Kozukenosuke Oguri" (brass band and mandolin music) is also available here.

Back numbers of "Tatsunami," the journal of the Society for the Commendation of Kozukenosuke Oguri

For Sale
Taiken Murakami, "Kozukenosuke Oguri: The Forgotten Tragic Vassal of the Shogun", Heibonsha Shinsho
The "Oguri Diary" (republication)
: Valuable basic materials including a diary in his own handwriting up to four days before he was killed by the western army and a household account book from the first year of the Man'en era.

Currently being serialized! You can also read it on the Internet:

 Taiken Murakami's The Beginning of Our Country's Industrial Revolution" serialized in the 27th issue of Fastening Journal, a screw industry newspaper, published four times a month.

小栗上野介関連の展示会 Exhibitions related to Kozukenosuke Oguri
◆特別展示 (東善寺庫裡で展示中
小栗上野介ー横須賀製鉄所が日本近代化の原点 「小栗上野介の横須賀造船所から生まれたものー富岡製糸場は妹・中島飛行機は弟・生野銀山は義弟
◆Special Exhibition (currently on display at Tozenji Temple's storehouse)
Kozukenosuke Oguri - Yokosuka Ironworks is the origin of Japan's modernization
"Things born from Kozukenosuke Oguri's Yokosuka Shipyard - Tomioka Silk Mill is his sister, Nakajima Aircraft is his brother, Ikuno Ginzan (siver mine) is his brother-in-law

過去の小栗上野介展 Past Kozukenosuke Oguri Exhibitions
高崎シティギャラリーで 小栗上野介企画展
2018平成30年11月2日~7日 終了

「小栗上野介と横須賀製鉄所展」クリックすると小栗上野介展のページヘ 終了
 横須賀市で初の小栗上野介展でした。 2015平成27年11月13日(金)~22日(日)

高崎シティギャラリーで 遣米使節150周年記念・高崎市制110年記念事業
小栗上野介展 2010平成22年12月4日(土)~14日(日) 
憲政記念館で「怒涛の幕末維新」特別展 終了 2008平成20年11月6日~28日(金) 衆議院憲政記念館
「小栗上野介と幕末維新の高崎」展 期日:2008平成20年10月1日(水)~11月24日(月) 
高崎市上滝町1058 027-352-1261

  2008平成20年4月4日~27日 明治大学博物館 特別展示室
   第1部 小栗上野介の生涯  第2部 遣米使節の旅   
  2005年8月17日~21日 会津若松市文化センターホール
  2001年12月13日~19日 群馬県庁1階ホール
Exhibition of Kozukenosuke Oguri at Takasaki City Gallery November 2-7, 2018.
"Excuted without any crime committed" 150 years after his death

Japan's modernization from the Yokosuka Shipyard: Tomioka Silk Mill as a sister, Nakajima Aircraft as a brother, and Ikuno Ginzan as a brother-in-law
Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the founding of Yokosuka Ironworks
"Kozukenosuke Oguri and the Yokosuka Ironworks Exhibition" Click to go to the Kozukenosuke Oguri Exhibition page
This was the first exhibition of Kozukenosuke Oguri in Yokosuka City. November 13 (Friday) to 22 (Sunday), 2015.

Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Japanese Mission to the U.S. and the 110th Anniversary of Takasaki City at Takasaki City Gallery
Kozukenosuke Oguri Exhibition December 4 (Sat) - 14 (Sun), 2010
For more information, click here to Takasaki City's Kozukenosuke Oguri Exhibition page.

Special Exhibition "The End of the Edo Period and the Restoration of the Meiji Restoration" at the Constitution Memorial Hall of the House of Representatives   November 6 - 28, 2008 (Fri.)

Exhibition "Kozukenosuke Oguri and the End of Edo Restoration in Takasaki"  October 1 (Wed) - November 24 (Mon), 2008 
Venue: Takasaki City Museum of History and Folklore, 1058 Kamitaki-cho, Takasaki City 027-352-1261

First "Kozukenosuke Oguri exhibition" in Tokyo
  April 4 - 27, 2008 Meiji University Museum, Special Exhibition Room
  Part 1: The Life of Kozukenosuke Oguri
  Part 2: Travels to the United States   
  Panel display, lecture, shogunate procession, commemorative concert, etc. Click on the title above for details.

■First Panel Exhibition of Kozukenosuke Oguri's Documents in Aizu (Images)
  Aizu Wakamatsu City Cultural Center Hall, August 17-21, 2005

■Exhibition of panel materials on "Kozukenosuke Oguri, a man who ran through the age of change at the end of the Edo period" (images)
  December 13-19, 2001 Gunma Prefectural Office, 1st Floor Hall

2003・平成15年1月3日放映 /再放映 平成17年12月23日(金)/再放送 2006(平成18)年7月から

NHK's "Sono-toki Rekishiga Ugoita": Kozukenosuke Oguri, the Last Shogunate Vassal, Dispersed in the Reformation
Aired on Nov. 20, 2002 and Jan. 10, 2003 

NHK New Year's period drama, "Another Quit, Your Highness" Kozukenosuke Oguri, a famous magistrate at the end of the Edo period:  
broadcast on January 3, 2003 / rebroadcast on December 23, 2005 (Friday) / rebroadcast from July 2006

小栗上野介の家族・先祖 Family and ancestors of
Kozukenosuke Oguri
 関連情報 □「墓前顕彰祭」2018平成30年9月11日に喜多方市熊倉で

EMrs. Michiko Oguri, who fled to Aizu, a daughter of the Tatebe family, lords of the Hayashida domain in Banshu (a part of Hyogo prefecture)
Related Information □"Graveside Commendation Ceremony" in Kumakura, Kitakata City on September 11, 2018
EInfectious diseases and serious illnesses of Kozukenosuke Oguri
A trip to Akiyamago, the "historical road" to escape from Aizu (images)
EGrave of Tadataka Oguri, Niigata Magistrate…(Tadataka is the father of Kozukenosuke Tadamasa Oguri.)
Undergoing the hardships of escorting Mrs. Oguri to Akiyamago (link)
Reading "Kozukenosuke Oguri and Aizu" (contributed article)

The village of Oguri in Hitachi Prefecture is the birthplace of the Oguri clan.
The hometown of Oguri in Mikawa (a part of Aichi prefecture) is a copse and a residential area now.
The family crest of the Oguri family is "circle and raging wave.


Lectures by the priest
■講話:小栗上野介に関する講話会場は本堂)はこちらを参照し予約して下さい。 ほかの団体の予約で講話があるとき、傍聴は無料。

Lectures: For lectures on Kozukenosuke Oguri (held in the main hall), please click here to make a reservation. If you find a lecture reserved by another group in session, you can listen to it free of charge. Please click "Kozukenosuke Oguri and Tozenji, NEWS2021" for the schedule of our lectures. Please thank the sponsoring organization or individual.

If you would like to have a lecture of the priest at a place other than the temple, please click here.
カリフォルニアで講演「幕末の日本はアメリカから何を学んだか」 2009年6月18日と21日
  講演の旅ー1 サンフランシスコ(画像)
  講演の旅―2 ロサンゼルスの講演(画像)

        平成15(2003)年10月25日  同年11月30日再放送 テープあります。
■ぐんま見聞録「幕末変革の時代を駆け抜けた小栗上野介」 (全10回)

Lecture record: "Kozukenosuke Oguri's Remodeling of Japan: The Fate of the Shogunate, the Fate of Japan" (Kanda Zatsugaku University, August 2011, link)
Lecture in California: "What did Japan learn from America at the end of the Edo Period" June 18 and 21, 2009
  Lecture trip - 1 San Francisco (images)
  Lecture trip - 2: Los Angeles (images)

■NHK Radio Midnight Mail - The Age of the Heart "What Kozukenosuke Oguri Learned from the U.S. Mission to the U.S." (October 25, 2003, rebroadcast on November 30, 2003)

Gunma Kenbunroku "Kozukenosuke Oguri, who ran through the age of change at the end of the Edo period" (10 times in total)

小栗上野介の顕彰活動 Activities to honor Kozukenosuke Oguri
小栗上野介記念館 建設準備中募金もしています。ご支援をお願いします。

小栗上野介父子主従の墓 …境内にあります。群馬県指定重要文化財
E小栗上野介の顕彰活動 1…顕彰の始まりは小栗夫人の会津脱出護衛から


E 父小栗忠高の墓・大隈夫妻が墓参(法音寺)…墓誌全文と現代語訳も





2018年151回忌・非命没後150年 講演・鳴海風氏(作家)「歴史作家・技術者から見た幕末明治維新~小野友五郎と小栗上野介の生涯に光を当てて~」・墓前祭・記念演奏会・昼市 
2021年…令和3年5月23日・コロナ感染防止の対処でまつりを中止。墓前祭のみ実施し、読経・献香した。参列者30名。◆小栗公本墓への参道改修工事完工法要 を併せて行った
2024年…令和6年5月26日 午前:非命歿後157回忌・式典・演奏「小栗のまなざし」倉渕中学校吹奏楽部・講演「小栗上野介忠順の思いと横須賀製鉄所(造船所)」早稲田大学名誉教授浅川基男氏・午後:墓前祭 感謝状贈呈木村直巳氏丸山昇氏・追悼の言葉・法語・読経献香・能「小栗」仕舞清水義也・記念演奏群馬マンドリン楽団・昼市など

ETombs of Kozukenosuke Oguri and his son…are located in the precincts of the temple. Important cultural property designated by Gunma Prefecture
EActivities to honor Kozukenosuke Oguri… It was the beginning of Oguri commemoration that people began to commemorate Gonda (Kurabuchi) villagers' escort to Oguri's wife who escaped to Aizu.
EIt was the beginning of Oguri commemoration that people began to commemorate Gonda (Kurabuchi) villagers' escort to Oguri's wife who escaped to Aizu.
EMrs. Michiko Oguri, who escaped to Aizu, daughter of the Tatebe family, lord of the Hayashida domain in Banshu (a part of Hyogo prefecture)
EReceiving Lord Oguri's Head: The villagers who stole the heads of Kozukenosuke Oguri and his son from Tatebayashi.
E■ A misunderstanding in "The Pioneer of the Navy: A True Biography of Kozukenosuke Oguri" by Dozan Abe: The book says Kozukenosuke Oguri's head is buried at ...

EGrave of Tadataka Oguri, Niigata Magistrate (Ho-onji Temple, Niigata City): Including the full text of the epitaph and modern translation

Oguri Festival (images)
A festival that has been held since the Meiji era to commemorate the memory of Kozukenosuke Oguri and his son, and their vassals and villagers who sacrificed their lives.

In 1997, we started the "Festival" in its current form, where anyone can enjoy participating and confirm the achievements of Lord Oguri. ■"Creating the Oguri Festival"

1999...The completion of a model of the USS Powhatan which took the Japanese Mission to the U.S. in 1860
2000...Hanasaka Tenshi Tenten-kun's drawing class and "Tommy
2001: Lecture by Mr. Fuyuji Domon
2002: Relief statue unveiling, etc.
2003: 135th anniversary, special exhibition, etc.
2004: Lecture by Dr. Masami Sato, music performance by Maritime Self-Defense Force performance, etc.

2005: Unveiling of a model of the USS Roanoke, etc.
2006: Lecture by Kazuto Takano, etc.
2008: 140th anniversary of Oguri's death, lecture by Akira Nishibori, unveiling of the Tsukiji Hotel model, etc.
2009: Tour of historic sites, commemorative performance, commemorative lecture, graveside service, appearance of Ogurin! etc.
2011...144th anniversary memorial service, commemorative performance, commemorative lecture by Taiken Murakami, "Fate of the Shogunate, Fate of Japan," etc.

2012...145th memorial service, commemorative performance, commemorative lecture by Christian Pollack, "Silk and Light," etc.
2013...146th memorial service, 145th anniversary of his death, first performance of the brass band "Oguri no Manazashi (gaze)," lecture by Mr. Shoichi Yamoto, "Modern Japan starts from Yokosuka Shipyard"
2014...147th anniversary of his death, lecture by Fuyuji Domon, "What can we learn from Kozukenosuke Oguri now?", attended by Yokosuka Mayor Yuto Yoshida
2015...148th anniversary of his death and 147th year since his death, lecture by Tomoshige Ando (Chief Priest of Asaka Kunitsuko Shrine), "Sensei Gonsai Asaka and his student, Kozukenosuke Oguri: On the logic and practice of sea defense at the end of the Edo period", commemorative concert by Kurabuchi Junior High School Music Club and Gunma Mandolin Orchestra
2016...149th anniversary of his death, 148th year since his death, Lecture - Mr. Tetsunori Iwashita (Toyo University), "Information Society at the End of Edo Period and Kozukenosuke Oguri

2017...150th memorial service, 149th anniversary of his death, lecture by Takashi Harada (Lecturer, Tokyo International University), "Kozukenosuke Oguri and Nakaosaka iron mine", demonstration of "Tatara Iron Manufacturing" by Kazuhiro Nagata, Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology, a murage (supervisory technician) of Tatara iron-making
2018...151st anniversary of his death, 150th anniversary of his death, lecture by Mr. Fu Narumi (author), "The End of the Edo Period Meiji Restoration from the Perspective of a Historical Writer and Engineer: Shining a Light on the Lives of Tomogoro Ono and Kozukenosuke Oguri", graveside service, commemorative concert, daytime market
2019...152nd anniversary of the death of Kozukenosuke Oguri, 151st anniversary of his death, lecture by author Iori Harada: "Kozukenosuke Oguri and the End of the Edo Period," graveside service, commemorative performance by Kurabuchi Junior High School brass band, Gunma Mandolin Orchestra, Aizu Itto-ryu Sword and Poem Dance, daytime market, etc.
2020...May 24, 2020: The festival was cancelled to prevent corona infection. Only the graveside ceremony was held, with sutra reading and incense offering. There were 20 people in attendance. Sutra reading, incense offering, and ocarina dedication performance

◆吹奏楽曲「小栗のまなざし」 福田洋介作曲 ヴェルニー小栗祭式典で演奏
演奏 海上自衛隊横須賀音楽隊2016.11.12横須賀ヴェルニー公園 
演奏 海上自衛隊横須賀音楽隊

◆マンドリン曲「小栗のまなざし」 福田洋介作曲
 演奏 ART TOKYO群馬公演 (Youtube)
 演奏 昔とったきねづかコンサート(Youtube)

Symphonic Band "Oguri-no Manazashhi (Gaze of Oguri)" Composed by Yosuke Fukuda, Performed at Verney Oguri Festival Ceremony
Performed by : Maritime Self-Defense Force Yokosuka Band 2016.11.12 at Yokosuka Verney Park
Performed by : Maritime Self-Defense Force Yokosuka Band (music only)

Mandolin piece "Oguri-no Manazashi (Gaze of Oguri)" composed by Yosuke Fukuda    
 Performed by : ART TOKYO Gunma performance (Youtube)
 Performed by : Mukashi-totta-Kinezuka Concert (Youtube)

 Oguri Historic Sites in Kurabuchi
Historic Sites of Kozukenosuke Oguri in Kurabuchi… Cenotaph in honor of Kozukenosuke Oguri on the Mizunuma Riverbank, Sister Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) in the Aima River, and Kotaka's life water
EThe site of Oguri's residence in Kan-non-yama…The "Kan-non-yama Water Supply" that was accused of "filling the moat with water" is here.
EKotaka's Life Water… The villagers of Kotaka, who saw that Kozukenosuke Oguri quickly drew water for the "Kan-non-yama Water Supply," asked him to survey the area, saying, "We are also suffering from thin water here.
Eトンデモナイ岩波文庫 小栗上野介の話…『德川制度』下 の小栗像はひどい話



E"The story of the bust of Kozukenosuke Oguri"… Two works by Fumio Asakura in Kurabuchi-cho: a bust of Kozukenosuke Oguri and a bronze statue of Otosuke Isomura
EThe relief statue was erected in 1930
… on the wall of the lobby on the second floor of the Gunma Kaikan building.
EA firearm with the inscription "Tadataka Oguri"
… a rare inscription that was made by Tadataka Oguri, a bannerman and the father of Kozukenosuke.
EAcknowledgement by Heihachiro Togo
… "The victory in the Battle of the Sea of Japan during the Japanese-Russo War was thanks to Mr. Oguri (who greatly contributed to the construction of the Yokosuka Shipyard).

EThe Battle against the Consciousness of the Government Forces
… Commentary in the pamphlet on the reissue of Arata Ninagawa's The Political Struggle Before and After the Restoration and the Death of Kozukenosuke Oguri.
EUntrustful Iwanami Bunko A story about Kozukenosuke・・・
The story of Kozukenosuke Oguri in the "Tokugawa System" (last volume) is terribly wrong.

Gunma Jazz Festival" at Hamayu Sanso
:Held at the beginning of every autumn
Jomo Karuta and Kozukenosuke Oguri
… Why are the "I" and "Ra" cards red?
Oguri-sama cookies
are ready!
Essay "Kozukenosuke Oguri and Kurabuchi Village" by Masami Sato
Essay: Rowers must not become customers.
Essay "Oguri Culture" by Mitsuhiko Hamana

Fairy Tale "Mysterious Letter" by Kaito Satake, a sixth grader in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture
Manga "Tengai-no Bushi" (The Samurai with long-term ideas)": Kozukenosuke Oguri, a vassal of the Shogun
Exhibition of cut-out pictures "Tengai-no Bushi (Samurai with long-term ideas)
EWords of Kozukenosuke Oguri: "A true samurai"
Words of Kozukenosuke Oguri, The company of "national welfare"
Tozenji Temple's "Tatsunami-kai" Membership Information

Kozukenosuke Oguri in the novel "Daibosatsu Toge" (link)
Reviewing History to Create an Attractive Community (link)

小栗上野介の人脈 Kozukenosuke Oguri's personal connections
栗本鋤雲  Joun Kurimoto
Joun Kurimoto
A trip to Mikurajima (image)...Plaster statue of Joun
A Horoku pottery statue of Joun in Mikurajima
Travel to Hakodate Visit the achievements of Joun Kurimoto in Hakodate and Nanae Town.
安積艮斎 Gonsai Asaka
漢学の師・安積艮斎(あさか ごんさい)
Gonsai Asaka, Master of Chinese Studies to Kozukenosuke Oguri (2,000 students)
Gonsai Asaka, Master of Chinese studies
Ando Tomoshige's translation of Gonsai Asaka's "Yogai Kiryaku" into modern Japanese Asaka was an early advocate of trade and commerce with foreign countries.
Hisoka Maejima, a junior student at Gonsai's school and a mediator for Kuniko and Sadao Oguri (link, Museum of Communications)
 大鳥圭介  Keisuke Otori
 大鳥圭介の連載顕彰記事:中川由香「鵬程万里」 (兵庫県上郡町のHP・リンク Keisuke Otori's serial commendation article: Nakagawa Yuka's "Hotei Banri (Otori's way of living by providing needs of the society and helping people)" (Website of Kamigori Town, Hyogo Prefecture, link)
 渋沢栄一 Eiichi Shibusawa
 「渋沢栄一と小栗上野介」 あの時小栗にはねられていたら、「1万円札の渋沢」はなかったろう "Eiichi Shibusawa and Kozukenosuke Oguri" If Shibusawa had been rejected by Oguri at that time, there would have been no "Shibusawa on a 10,000 yen bill".
蜷川 新  Arata Ninagawa
 母が小栗道子夫人の妹はつ。旗本蜷川家に生まれ、明治以後苦学して国際法学者となり、同志社大学・駒澤大学で教鞭をとる。パリで国際赤十字連盟の成立に貢献。田中義一内閣の時、田中の国際法顧問として活躍。著『維新前後の政争と小栗上野の死』、『維新正観』など。顕彰慰霊碑の碑文「偉人小栗上野介 罪なくして此所に斬らる」を揮毫した。格闘技家の武蔵は新の曽孫
Arata Ninagawa's mother was Hatsu, the younger sister of Michiko Oguri, the wife of Kozukenosuke Oguri. Born into the Ninagawa Hatamoto family, he studied hard after entering the Meiji Era and became a scholar of international law, teaching at Doshisha University and Komazawa University. He contributed to the establishment of the International Federation of the Red Cross in Paris. He authored "Political Strife Before and After the Restoration and the Death of Kozukenosuke Oguri" and "Ishin Shokan" among others. He also wrote the inscription on the cenotaph in honor of Kozukenosuke Oguri, "The great Kozukenosike Oguri was cut down here for no crime." The martial artist Musashi is a great-grandson of Ninagawa.

小栗上野介随想  Essays about Kozukenosuke Oguri
E将来を見据えた 「土蔵付き売家」の横須賀造船所





E小栗の濡れ衣・ 和暦と西暦の差で


EYokosuka Shipyard, a "house for sale with storehouse" with an eye on the future
EAchievements of the Japanese Mission to the United States
EStructural Reform at the End of the Edo Period
E Oguri's company limited: People's prosperity through trade

Japanese people with "the Kanrin Maru disease" (regarding Japanese Mission to the United States)
EKatsu Kaishu's theory of 500 years of navy wavers

E"Might is right," the winner's arrogance
EThe battle against the loyalist army mentality
EThe Battle against the Loyalist Army mentality (Contribution to "Aizu-jin Gunzo")

E Kozukenosuke Oguri and Eiichi Shibusawa
EGeneral Togo's Acknowledgments
EThe "Father of Meiji" who devoted himself to the modernization of Japan

EThe theory that Kozukenosuke Oguri was a "Tokugawa absolutist" is false.
EA book that says beheading of Oguri was "right on target"
What about the elimination of Kozukenosuke Oguri?
EThe conspiratorial nature of the Western Army which killed off the Sekihotai Army

EFalsely accused Oguri: Shikoku was used as collateral
EFalsely accused Oguri: Theory of Yokosuka Ironworks loaned for
EFalsely accused Oguri: Theory of forcing the Tsushima clan to relocate
EFalsely accused Oguri: Difference between Japanese and Western calendars causing...
EFalsely accused Oguri: Kan-non-yama residence site as a base of resistance
EConceited Japanese people

Tadamasa Oguri, a "true samurai" (reprint of "Kozukenosuke Oguri True Story")
EAizu escape escort marks the beginning of Oguri's recognition
EReciving Lord Oguri:s Head

その他の小栗情報  Other Oguri-related Information
官軍意識との闘い―『会津人群像』所載 The Battle Against Loyality Army Mentality: In "Aizu-jin Gunzo"
「小栗上野介所用の甲冑」は疑問 Questionable theory of "Armor used by Kozukenosuke Oguri"
新陰流の奉納演武 The dedication performance of Shinkage-ryu, a traditional school (ko-budō) of Japanese martial arts
パウアー教授の訪問記(リンク) Professor Powar's visit (link)
小栗上野介のレリーフ Relief of Kozukenosuke Oguri
倉渕村の史跡・顕彰慰霊碑・姉妹観音・小高用水 など
Historical sites, cenotaphs, sister goddesses, Kotaka life water, etc. in Kurabuchi Village
観音山の小栗邸址…登るとすばらしい展望。でも濡れ衣を着せられた場所 The site of Oguri's residence on Kan-non-yama Mountain… a wonderful view if you go up. It was a place where Oguri was falsely accused.
E名花・小栗椿 江戸から運ばれ墓前に咲く小栗椿と胸像脇にシャクヤク EThe famous flower, the Oguri camellia The Oguri camellia and peony were brought from Edo.
幕末史 小栗上野介をめぐる通説の誤り The History of the End of the Edo Period: Misconceptions about Kozukenosuke Oguri
■はまゆう山荘で「群馬ジャズフェスティバル」:毎年秋の初めに開催 Gunma Jazz Festival" at Hamayu Sanso:Held at the beginning of every autumn
連載「小栗上野介が駆け抜けた時代」(リンク) Series of articles: "The era that Kozukenosuke Oguri ran through" (Link)
小栗上野介が飲んだビールの瓶 A bottle of beer drunk by Kozukenosuke Oguri
初めてアイスクリームを食べた遣米使節(リンク) The first U.S. envoy to eat ice cream (Link)
「宥座之器・ゆうざのき」と「木鐸・ぼくたく」・・・「現代の名工」も横須賀の技術で銅司(あかがねし)になっていた "Yuza-no Ki" and "Bokutaku": "Modern Master Craftsmen" also became copper sculptors with Yokosuka's technology.

ウィキペディアの「小栗忠順」にご用心 Beware of "Tadamasa Oguri" in Wikipedia.
Shimoda, an Important Town when Opening Japan to the World
Shimoda, the town of the USS Powhatan

東善寺一般情報 General Information about Tozenji
東善寺 English  Tozenji English
小栗上野介・幕末関連のリンクはこちらから Click here for links related to Kozukenosuke Oguri and the end of the Edo period
参拝のご案内 地図・交通・拝観・駐車場などはこちらから


■Click here for information on maps, transportation, sightseeing, parking, etc.
The difference between a visit to the temple and a sight-seeing.
Oguri goods and Tozenji goods…on sale!

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